Weiti Developer Denies Discharges

On 1 News at Six last night, there was a report about sediment pollution in the Okura Marine Reserve from the Weiti Development.


Sediment from Weiti development

Peter Townend – Keep Okura Green

Peter Townend, on behalf of Keep Okura Green told the reporter:

What we are getting on most rain days now is this being polluted by loads and loads of sediment.

It’s like a teaspoon at a time, doesn’t look like it’s a problem. Until it mounts up to a six-wheeler truck!

Evan Williams – Weiti Development Chief Executive

Evan Williams, Weiti Development Chief Executive responds:

We are not, on any basis adding to the sediment discharges in that estuary. At all.

When you get the kind of rain we’ve had, [discharges are] almost impossible to avoid. But in terms of actual, sustainable, long-term damage, no.

If I thought we were damaging this environment I wouldn’t be doing it.

Weiti and Todd Developments at Okura Estuary

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