Environment Court win for Okura!!

Environment Court rules in our favour!
This is a HUGE WIN for the people and wildlife of New Zealand!

The rolling green hills on the South side of the Esuary from the Okura Bush will not be developed into 1000’s of houses. The Environment Court has declined Okura Holdings’ appeal adjacent to the Long Bay Okura Marine Reserve! This has been a momentous battle.

Thank you to all the FOOB supporters that have helped the Long Bay Okura Great Parks Society raise $320,000 to save this precious area. Also a big thanks to Auckland Council and Forest and Bird for their support too.

This is what the Court had to say:
“We were not confident that the OHL proposal would protect marine ecology from adverse effects”

“The OHL proposal will have significant adverse effects on natural character and landscape values of the site and surrounding environment.”
“OHL and its advisors failed to take a broad overview … the distinctive sense of place and special character qualities of the Estuary and its high vulnerability to potential adverse effects of urban development”

Link to Stuff article for more info.

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