Okura Forest Festival 2020 Workshop Times

Our beautiful World needs your help! Okura Forest Festival 2020’s astonishing workshops will inspire you to make our planet a better place! Here’s the full lineup
Get your ticket now to attend one of the incredible workshops that are on offer at OFF2020.
The “bio’s” of the speakers follow on from the poster.

Dr Mike Joy – The future of food & energy

Mike Joy is a New Zealand freshwater ecologist and science communicator. (Institute for Governance & Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington). The human population has reached a level far in excess of the ability of the planet to sustain it long-term through using synthetic nitrogen. The ‘green revolution’ was driven by a massive increase in fossil energy in food production. To be able to feed the burgeoning population without fossil fuels and keep greenhouse gas emissions at a safe level will require a drastic reduction in livestock from human food and reducing transporting and processing food. This required change will have many human and ecological health benefits but puts New Zealand in a challenging position.

Dr Russel Norman: How Change Happens

Russel Norman’s main area of expertise is in economics, climate, energy, and freshwater ecosystems. He has PhD in political science from Macquarie University in Sydney and has been the Executive Director of Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand since November 2015. Before this he was a Member of the New Zealand Parliament and Co-leader of the Green Party from 2008-2015. Russel will be giving a workshop on how to best to bring about change. Russel is one of the best political minds in the country and we’re stoked to have him at the festival!

Dr Ngaire Hart Ngaro Huruhuru- Native Bees

Ngaire is the first Māori woman to get a PhD from engineering at AUT. She is believed to be only the second Māori woman to have the qualification in this field.
Ngaire research focuses on saving native bees. Her interest in bees came about during her studies when she was asked to design a tracking device for insects. This proved impossible given there was virtually no information on any of the 30 bee species that are endemic to NZ (found nowhere else). She has now become the bee expert of Aotearoa and has lead the way by creating special image-processing software to monitor bee habitats. Her results are alarming .

Richard Webster – Why We Weed – not all green is good.

The threat some plants pose to NZs environment and native biodiversity. Why we control some weeds and not others, what makes a weed an environmental weed and why a long term, staged approach to control is important. The Okura experience: Richard Webster has 15 years experience in ecological restoration specialising in environmental weed control, protecting and restoring carbon sinks such as remnant forests and wetlands. (Richard has been advising the Friends of Okura Bush on weed control & native revegetation since 2016 and shares his experiences on this unique and special place)

Dr Robin Kelly – A 2020 update on 5G and existing radio wave

Dr Robin Kelly is a North Shore doctor, researcher and award-winning science author who, for the past 3 years, has researched the science and politics of the now active 5G roll out. In this dynamic talk, he explains his concerns about the cumulative effects on living cells of existing radiowaves, how 5G is being forced onto the public, and our environment without any safety testing. Since his talk last year, he has given many radio interviews, communicated with academics & industry executives, published an academic paper, and appeared in documentaries explaining how and why the ‘Precautionary Principle’ followed by independent scientists and physicians around the world is being ignored by our governing bodies.

Graedon Parker – Tiwaiwaka Healing the Mauri of the Whenua

Ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tangata
When the land is well, the people will be well. Join Graedon for an interactive workshop covering the burgeoning Tiwaiwaka Movement – a set of principles and ideas to give us hope for the regeneration of our environment and the survival of generations to follow us. This workshop is the beginning of the journey, connecting to the whenua, introducing participants to the world of Rongoa Maori, and the 6 Tiwaiwaka principles as a way to move forward in true unification.
Graedon’s creative leadership has played a pivotal role in the success of enterprise/social movement – Organic Mechanic.

Andrea Reid – Pollinator Paths

TEDx speaker and landscape architect Andrea Reid set up a charity called Pollinator Paths to improve the ecological health of urban environments by connecting
sustainable ecosystems with pollinator friendly habitat. By doing this, Pollinator Paths aims to combat the effects of climate change, improve food security, align New Zealand closer to
its clean, green ideal, inspire others to take action and help communities
build stronger relationships with nature.

Experiencing Marine reserves – Treasures of Tikapa Moana: Experiencing Marine Reserves
Sophie EMR
EMR is a national programme of experiential learning about marine conservation. It empowers schools and communities by providing the equipment and expertise for a hands-on learning experience in the ocean. The programme involves investigating marine biodiversity and local marine environments before venturing to a fully-protected marine reserve. After this experience, students are able to compare unprotected and protected areas and are supported to put their knowledge into action within the community.

Metta Paterson- Get your Sing on Singing Circle

This workshop is for everyone – especially those who might feel a bit shy to sing – You will be guided towards singing your heart out! No experience necessary – you will get present in your body through play and mindfulness practices, awaken your life force and sing from your power. Experience vocal & performance techniques to free your natural voice. Through singing this is an opportunity to release from emotional blocks, realign your energy, let go of psycho-spiritual armour, unlock from trauma in the body, reset your nervous system, and create neurological pathways of pleasure! Come and revel in the joy of singing together in circle!

Chewy Wilson – Drumming Workshop Rhythm for the soul

Chewy is a multi-instrumentalist who works with people from all walks of life using music as interactive mediums to teach and develop life skills. He plays with African Drumming Group Tamani, loves collaboration projects and leads Sound Journeys using didgeridoo, Native American Flute, Hand Pan, thumb piano, drums and other world instruments.

Geoff Reid – Photo & Video for Political Change

Geoff Reid is an environmental advocate based in Aotearoa New Zealand who will be speaking about using video and photography for political change. He has an innate passion for the natural world and can often be found teaching individuals about flora and fauna in New Zealand’s ecosystems. He is best known for exposing and bringing about change for local and global issues. Geoff uses tools such as social media to raise public awareness for current issues which in turn puts pressure on our local agencies to better practices.

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