Weeding report for May 2021

For the month of May 2021, together Chris and I, we worked on both Deborah and Stillwater Reserves, doing pest plant management. For a few days we were joined by a volunteer Tadgh for the Japanese Honeysuckle and Privet control in Deborah Reserve. Kane Kvasnicka joined us for the Stillwater Reserve work.

The Japanese Honeysuckle in Deborah Reserve behind Gails Drive and extending further into the Okura Esplanade Reserve, has been controlled.

There were native bush smothered by the Japanese Honeysuckle we first hand released and cleared around before controlling them with chemicals so the native plants were not harmed. We controlled other weeds in this part of the bush (Woolly Nightshade, Chinese Privet and occasional Kahili Ginger)

Chris worked with Geoff on one of the Cheniers at Stillwater controlling Canadian Fleabane. This work was carried out to protect significant breeding population of endangered NZ Dotterels. They did a manual hand pulling of the weeds so as not to bring the chick or the adult birds under further harm or distress.

Chris and I spent a day, preparing four planting sites behind the Stillwater Hall spraying out Kikuyu grass, Pampas, Privet.

With Kane, Chris and I worked on preparing the Eastern Chenier for planting by getting rid of the Inkweed, Woolly Nightshade, Pampas, Chinese Privet and Gorse.

Chris spent two days clearing out track on Creek West. He worked on clearing out the trap line by taking out the Gorse plants that had overgrown on the track. He also cleared out a considerable portion of English Ivy behind a house on Haigh Access Road abounding the Okura Bush Reserve.

Chris and I worked on the creek in Deborah Reserve clearing out the rest of the English Ivy infestation along both sides of the creek. Chris has taken the initiative to go up the creek to clear out the Arum Lily in the creek. There is a slight problem in the area. I’ve seen signs of native plants in that part of the creek cut down (Hoheria and Totara were cut down. These trees could not be mistaken for an exotic)

We have also carried out Moth Plant seedling check up in the hotspots near Okura River Road. Near the same location we also controlled Climbing Dock. The Auckland Council had given assurance that they had controlled the Cathedral Bells in the same location. But we found plenty of that Total Control Pest Plant left untreated and growing vigorously in the area. We have carried out control of Cathedral Bells, Pampas and Climbing Dock behind a house on Okura River Road.



Other work completed during these hours included a cutting and pasting some large fruit-producing ivy vines climbing up a large tree on a property neighbouring Deborah reserve – likely acting as a seed source for infestations in the reserve, and doing initial control on a cape ivy infestation on the riparian zone of the estuary in Deborah reserve.

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