Strategic Plan – Friends of Okura Bush


To restore the biodiversity of the Okura Bush, shoreline and surrounds.


To engage the community in the control of predator mammals and invasive weeds and restore the ecosystem.


Okura Bush and surrounds are a mix of Crown (116.37ha), Auckland Council and private ownership. The Okura Bush is one of the last large stands of established coastal broadleaf and kauri forest in Auckland. This area is part of the North-West Wild-link; a collaborative effort between Forest and Bird, Auckland Council and with support from DOC and it adjoins the Long Bay Marine Reserve. Both of which add to the Area’s significance.

Kauri die back, invasive weeds and pest animals threaten this area.

Department of Conservation (DOC), Auckland Council (AC), neighbours and the community all working together, is critical to the success of this project.

Strategic Objectives:

  • To establish a steering committee.
  • To maintain adequate pest control.
  • To monitor and report on progress.
  • To encourage landowners and the community to adopt and support the Mission.
  • To educate and assist landowners and the community on how to achieve the Mission.
  • To seek funding where appropriate.

Strategies to Achieve Objectives

  • Work closely with DOC, Auckland Council, community and neighbours.
  • Hold regular meetings.
  • To be open at all times to new ideas and information from all committed parties involved to enable us to adopt the best practice.

Support and Funding:

  • Set up a steering committee to coordinate, communicate, seek and allocate funding, organise meetings, monitor and report.

Accepted 1/10/2013

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