Book: A Magpie Collection

The interactive bird book you have been waiting for. Beautiful photos, quirky art and QR-codes set this book apart.


Birds are not part of the furniture! They are amazing animals with all kinds of special adaptations. They have no teeth, don’t sweat and wear feathers. They also lay eggs and spread seeds. Some plants and trees depend on birds for their very existence.

Found in every habitat from mountain top to deep ocean, birds have found unique ways to survive.

This colourful, interactive book for young bird detectives aged 8-12 years encourages them to discover for themselves the delightfully interesting secret lives of their feathered neighbours.

Scan the QR-codes and listen to the bird songs or check out further resources and bird inspired activities online. The specially designed website is a must for young ornithologists, their parents and their teachers. A dyslexic font version is also available.

Order your copy. $10 goes to FOOB from every book sold.

Special discount for FOOB supporters $23 (includes $3 post and packaging).

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