FOOB Christmas Cheer

A Wonder filled festive season to you All.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for helping out in your own way.

Because of our volunteer hours and the money you’ve given this year, we’ve had a great bird count, even sighting Tomtits and Brown quails. Keep an eye out for breeding seabirds and stay away from their nesting sites. They’re there because we’ve been able to exterminate

Rats 570
Mice 1167
Mustelids 53
Possums 108
between January and the end of November 2017

…along with a whole lot of weeding from the Stillwater spits to Haigh Access Road.

We have been helping to keep the Long Bay Okura Marine Reserve a sanctuary by opposing more development on its banks ie Okura and Weiti. The developers are persistant and so we are ever seeking funding to continue our legal battle. Also we are enquiring as to how the Envirofill on East Coast Road has changed from a Cleanfill to a ”Managed fill” allowing 5% contaminated waste without public notification and allowing up to 300 trucks dumping there per day.


The Bushwalk is half open as there are a couple of slips that DOC has yet to contend with.

We’re preparing for our Environmental awareness fundraising day, Okura Forest Festival on 11th February 2017 11am -11pm. 21 bands will be donating their time.
Please donate generously for it in the form of prizes, raffles, good 2nd hand clothes, preserves, baking, volunteering on the day to help….Phone me on 021 872222 or go to
Thank you

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