AGM 15th August 2021 at 3pm

Friends of Okura Bush warmly invite you to their Annual General Meeting.
A short meeting reporting back on activities and achievements over the past year will be followed by a talk from our
Guest speaker:
James Dale, Professor of Zoology at Massey University.
When: 3 pm Sunday 15 August 2020
Where: Okura Hall, Okura River Road, Okura

Topic: The Wildlife of Okura Bush, the Marine Reserve and surrounding area.
In this talk Professor Dale will highlight the amazing biodiversity in and around the Okura Bush, which he will showcase with various images and short videos taken in the area. He will also discuss the importance of control of invasive species of plants and animals, preserving habitats and planting native plants.

We’ll also discuss the strategic plan, please find a copy here: Strategic Plan 210722

Be lovely to see you if you can make it. Light refreshments provided.

Toitū te marae o Tane Mahuta; Toitū te marae o Tangaroa; Toitū te tangata.
If the land is well, if the sea is well, the people will thrive.

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