Fate of Okura still undecided in Council Chambers

Exciting day in the Council Chambers … but the fate of Okura still remains undecided…..

On Friday the Auckland Council voted on whether they were going to accept the Unitary Plan Panel’s recommendation to develop in Okura.

The Council passed the motion that:

“The Governing Body (Council) will consider rejecting recommendations relating to the extension of the RUB north to Okura …. if further advice from staff, before the end of the meeting, provides appropriate reasons for rejection and a possible alternative (being Council’s closing position at the Unitary Plan Panel’s hearing)”

What this means is that the Council officers will present a report to Council at the Council Meeting this Monday. The Councillors will then vote on whether they want development to go ahead.

Here’s how the voting went today:

No to accepting the Panel’s recommendation – Brewer, Casey, Clow, Cooper, Darby, Fletcher, Hulse, Lee, Stewart, Walker J, Walker W, Watson, Wood

Yes to accepting the Panel’s recommendation – Brown, Cashmore, Quax, Webster

Absent – Anae, Filipaina, Krum, Penrose

You can watch the debate here:

Part 1 (starts at 4.26min)

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Thanks Fiona McLaughlin.

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