Stand up to protect Unique Okura Estuary

Stand up to Protect the Unique Okura Estuary.
Meet on Monday at 10.45am in the Council Chambers, Town Hall, Queen Street.

Please help us on this momentous occasion and stand up against urbanisation destroying the precious Okura Estuary.

This Monday Council will make their final decision on whether they will allow urban development on the southern side of Okura Estuary.

At Friday’s meeting the Auckland Councillors requested further information from Officers to help them make their decision. Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting. It was wonderful to have so many people there. If you want to watch the video from the Council meeting and find out more about what has happened details are below.

It is so important to have even more people at the meeting on Monday to show the Councillors that this is an incredibly important decision they are making. The people of Auckland do care and want Okura Estuary saved.

Please support Okura at the:
Auckland Town Hall
10.45am Monday 15 August
Reception Lounge
Level 2
301-305 Queen Street

Please let us know if you can make it by emailing us at or by registering on our Facebook page

On Friday the Auckland Council voted on whether they were going to accept the Unitary Plan Panel’s recommendation to develop in Okura.

The Council passed the motion that “the Governing Body (Council) will consider rejecting recommendations relating to the extension of the RUB north to Okura …. if further advice from staff, before the end of the meeting, provides appropriate reasons for rejection and a possible alternative (being Council’s closing position at the Unitary Plan Panel’s hearing)”

What this means is that the Council officers will present a report to Council at the Council Meeting this Monday. The Councillors will then vote on whether they want development to go ahead.

Here’s how the voting went on Friday:
No to accepting the Panel’s recommendation – Brewer, Casey, Clow, Cooper, Darby, Fletcher, Hulse, Lee, Stewart, Walker, J, Walker W, Watson, Wood
Yes to accepting the Panel’s recommendation – Brown, Cashmore, Quax, Webster
Absent – Anae, Filipaina, Krum, Penrose

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