Cute vs Ugly on the Creek East

I took a super cute (well I think it is anyway!), and a fairly gross pic this past week, checking traps on the Creek East Line … the rodent must have only just got hit it stil had a twinkle in its eye and peanut crumbs on its whiskers!

What a great, humane way to go. These KaMate traps are quick to reset too.

Just a little warning not to look at the possum pic below if you get a squimmy tummy šŸ˜‰

I wasn’t sure if a mustelid, morepork, or feral cat was feeding on most of my possum kills lately. I have since learnt that rats will easily manage to do this much damage too. We are going to put a motion camera nearby so we can check out what species it is, and how quickly it does it.

I was quiet thankful for the exam gloves that I was given as a newbie trapper to remove these latest possum carcasses thats for sure! I think all the maggots are purposely wriggling their way up to the possums festy heads just in time for me to remove and reset them.

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