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CatchIt videos for pest catches

CatchtIt, Rachel Fewster, from the Dept of Statistics, Auckland University, alongside Jonathan Baskett, FOOB’s Pest co-ordinator, record all the pests that are killed in the Okura Bush and surrounding areas. Do have a look at the videos which shows the hot spots of where the catches have been made: CatchIT Graphics for Friends of Okura Bush.

Trappers Report April 2017

1. Opening the closed Ridge line Lezette and I met with Simon Matthews, site manager Weiti Station, to discuss access to our closed ridge trapline. Simon reassured us of his commitment to assisting with our trapping program but said that for the next few months access by road to the ridge would be impossible because of continuing road works. He…

Okura Bush Track Closed

In the August 31 North Shore Times: Department of Conservation launches track upgrades The Department of Conservation has started work on a track upgrade in Okura Bush they say will prevent the spread of kauri dieback. The walkway serves more than 60,000 visitors per year and will be closed for approximately 10 weeks while contractors work on the track. The…

Track Assessment by Stephen King

At the Request of ‘Friends of Okura Bush’ I conducted a field inspection of the current track in March 2016 to assess issues and required improvements to ensure adequate protection of forest canopy trees. The inspection took place with Geoffrey and Lezette Reid and with a copy of currently proposed treatments supplied to them by the Department of Conservation.

Weedos Strike Back

11 dedicated volunteers met armed with their weapon of choice. It was a day filled with the sounds of a raging chainsaw, the snapping of vines from Elaeagnus and volunteers yelling ‘TIMBER’ followed by crashes from big pest trees hitting the ground.

Planting and Weeding August 2014

Coastal Restoration: Stillwater/Okura, Wade River mouth August 2014 15 enthusiastic volunteers got stuck into a day of coastal restoration, not a single drop of torrential rain dampened the teams spirits! The goal of the day was to clear out the remaining moth pods, replant the coast line with Pohutakawa trees, and remove other targeted invasive flora from the remnant patches…

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